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Vedem’s magazine’s lessons of artistic activism will inspire today’s teens to explore their identity while driving change in their own communities through creative means.


The Vedem Underground multimedia project examines the historic, cultural and artistic legacy of Vedem, a teen-authored magazine that was the only underground publication to be regularly produced by Nazi concentration camp prisoners. By examining how young activists inside the Terezin ghetto fearlessly fought anti-Semitism via creative expression, Vedem Underground teaches an invaluable lesson that transcends religion, age and eras to secondary-school and college students.


Vedem Underground Project’s cutting-edge educational program combines a history lesson on Vedem with a journalism workshop that concludes with student creations of hand-made magazines (‘zines) as a way to explore one’s identity through socially-engaged creativity. Students will learn about Vedem through the exhibit along with a 30-minute version of the feature documentary. Students will then collaborate with well-established writers and artists to craft their stories and create the ‘zines using formats such as prose, poetry, photography, Venn diagrams, illustrations, timelines, pie charts, comics, twitpics, song lyrics and interviews.


Students will conclude the course by celebrating with members of their local community and showcasing their work with a ‘zine pop-up exhibit, where they will share ideas and trade their ‘zines.


Please contact us at for more details.