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The powerful Vedem Underground feature documentary, led by an Oscar- and Emmy-award-winning team, is sponsored in part by the Steven Spielberg’s Righteous Persons Foundation’s Lynn and Jules Kroll Fund and by The Ziering Family Foundation. The film tells the story of the courageous, heartbreaking and ultimately victorious legacy of Vedem the magazine. The film follows Vedem’s adolescent writers, editors and illustrators as they risk their lives to create the magazine’s weekly issues that documented the defiance, satire, hard-won victories and heartbreak that typified teenage life inside the walls of Czechoslovakia’s Terezin Ghetto. The film uses interviews of surviving Vedem contributors, as well as historic and contemporary footage of Terezin, animation, and a selection of articles, art and poetry that appeared in Vedem’s 83 issues totaling 800 pages.


The film will be screened at film festivals, and during the accompanying traveling museum exhibition. Check back for news and information on the film, and watch for screenings starting in 2017.